Dear Friends,

We will be allowing you back into our waiting and exam rooms on a limited basis.  We plan to space out exam room visits with curbside visits so that we can minimize the amount of people in contact at one time.  This will also allow us to sanitize exam rooms between visits.  Curbside service will continue for picking up medication, dropping off a pet, or bringing your pet for grooming.

Thank you so much for being so patient with this process.  We love your pets and will strive to continue to provide the best service we can.

​Below is a reminder how curbside service works:


  1. Call us to set up your appointment time (706-769-3113), please provide us with all pertinent history and what is going on with your pet.
  2. When you arrive, give us a call to let you know you are here.  Feel free to walk your dogs on our grounds, while maintaining “social distancing” until we come out.
  3. A doctor or staff member will come to your car to pick up your pet.  ALL DOGS MUST BE ON LEASHES (or carrier if small dog) and ALL CATS MUST BE IN A CARRIER.  This will be to prevent your furry loved one from escaping.
  4. Dr. Cox or Dr. Mathias will examine your pet decide on diagnostics and treatments.
  5. Doctor will call your cell phone to go over diagnostics and any treatments.
  6. We will perform diagnostics and treatments with provided permission.
  7. We will return your pet to you outside.  We will provide an invoice.
  8. We will give you a call to pay over the phone with a credit card.  If you need to pay with check or cash, someone can pick this up curb-side.

Phone: 706-769-3113


​We will be able to answer questions over the phone and we will be checking our hospital email regularly.  The doctors will be occasionally checking emails over the weekends (For advice only, we will not be able to see appointments over the weekends).

  • If you think your pet has a true life-threatening emergency, please call The University of Georgia, College of Veterinary medicine.  They are currently only open for emergencies and will pick your pet up curb-side.  Their number is 706-542-3221.
  • If you feel that you have a pet that needs to be euthanized, please reach out to us via phone or email.
  • We will allow these to enter the building with one person.
  • Refills will only be allowed for current patients.  Please give us a call or email and these will be available for pick up between 8 am and 6 pm Monday through Friday. Utilize our online pharmacy as well. They ship directly to your house.

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